quartz countertop slabs

Quartz is a popular material used for countertops. Besides giving your kitchen or bathroom an elegant look, well-maintained quartz countertop slabs will last you a lifetime. Quartz is a highly durable material that can withstand cracking, chipping, scratching, and staining. However, to ensure your countertop lasts for years, you must maintain it properly.


Features of Quartz Stone Slabs

Several key features of quartz countertop slabs make them a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.


  • They are durable and highly resistant to chipping, scratching, and other damage.
  • They require little maintenance to keep them looking their best (but do need care, nevertheless!).
  • They come in various colors and patterns. You can easily find the best fit for your home aesthetic.
  • Quartz stone has a non-porous surface making it resistant to the staining effects of juices, coffee, wine, and other liquids.


How to Keep Your Quartz Stone Slab Damage-Free?

Here are some useful tips to help you keep your quartz slab considerably free from damage:

1. Use Hot Pads or Trivets

While quartz is highly resistant to damage, it is not entirely resistant to heat. 90% of quartz slabs are made from quartz, while the remaining is made of resin and pigments that are not heat resistant. Placing hot pans directly from the stove or oven onto your countertop may lead to permanent damage. Therefore, always use hot pads or trivets before placing your pan on the countertop.

2. Never Use a Knife Straight on the Countertop

You should always cut your ingredients on a cutting board, never straight on your quartz countertop slabs. This is because quartz is not completely scratch-proof; sometimes, a knife may leave accidental scratches or cuts on your countertops.

3. Avoid Using Extremely Acidic or Alkaline Cleaners

You should never use cleaners with high pH or pOH levels, as these can cause damage to the surface. While quartz is generally resistant to staining, harsh chemicals, especially cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, and ammonia, can wear down the bonds between quartz and resin, making them more perceptible to staining.  


How To Clean Your Quartz Countertop Slabs (The Correct Way)?

Here are some tips to help you clean your quartz countertop slabs correctly.

1) Clean the Countertop Regularly

Make it a habit to clean your quartz countertop slabs regularly, removing any dirt, debris, or dust that may have gathered on your countertop. You can use warm water to clean your quartz countertops for better results.

2) Use a Soft Cloth

You should always use a soft cloth such as a microfiber or sponge to clean your countertops. You should keep one for applying warm water and soap and another one for drying off your countertops once done.

3) Wipe the Color Liquid ASAP

If you spill any colored liquids, such as wine, coffee, or juice, on your quartz countertop slabs, always wipe them away quickly. This is because you don’t want them to leave behind any residue (Quartz countertops are stain resistant, not stain-proof).

4) Use Surface Cleaner for Stubborn Stains

If you notice any stubborn staining on the countertop that won’t be wiped away by a simple microfiber cloth, you can use a surface cleaner. You can use a mix of mild dish soap and warm water; these won’t have any abrasive effects on your countertop. Remember to avoid using harsh acidic or alkaline cleaners.

5) Scrape Away Grease, Gum, and Paint

If you notice stubborn grease, gum, or paint on your countertops that won’t be cleared away, grab your plastic putty knife and scrape them away. Hold the knife almost flat next to the countertop and gently scrape away the residues.

6) Use Oil-Based Cleaner for Removing Ink or Other Markers

If you have children at home that leave ink marks or permanent marker trails over the counter, here is a simple fix. Try using an oil-based cleanser to remove the mark, and clean with warm water once done.

Bitto Quartz Slab


Bitto Calacatta Arabescato Quartz Slab BQ2205

Proper care and maintenance of your quartz countertop slabs can help them last a lifetime. However, all your efforts may go to waste if you select a poor quartz supplier.

If you are looking for a reliable quartz slab supplier, check out BITTO and our Arabescato BQ2205 Polished Quartz Slab. This is a white quartz slab with prominent gray veining across the surface. It features a non-porous quartz surface and is treated to be resistant to bacteria.

The Calacatta Arabescato quartz slab is also incredibly durable, stain-resistant, chip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean & maintain. These features make it the perfect choice for your home.


About Bitto

Guangdong Bitto New Material Technology Co Ltd is one of the leading surface manufacturers in Dongguan. We began our operations in 2001, and today, we are one of the best-selling manufacturers of artificial quartz stone, solid surfaces, and zero polymer wallboards.

Bitto is globally recognized for its safe, reliable, and efficient services. We also have several certifications to our name, the ISO9001, NSF, and SGS are some examples. For more information on Bitto’s products and services, check out our website.