With the merits of being durable, low maintenance, and come in various eye-catching styles, quartz stone slabs are becoming the priorities for people who want to choose home decorations. Among different styles of quartz stone slabs for countertops, matte quartz countertops are a popular variant of quartz countertops that are becoming increasingly popular in interior design.   

For novices who want to invest in matte quartz countertops, they may raise plenty of puzzles and be curious about whether they are worthwhile to buy. Therefore, we will guide you to know the pros and cons of matte quartz countertops and clarify why they are the right choice for you. 

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What Are Matte Quartz Countertops?
Before diving into the pros and cons of matte quartz countertops, let’s master what they are. Generally, matte or honed quartz countertops tend to have a matte surface, a soft sheen surface that offers an almost raw appearance. Matte quartz countertops tend to be the opposite of a polished surface. Where a polished surface would reflect light, a matte surface does not reflect as much light. 

This feature of matte quartz countertops makes them the best fit for spaces with abundant light. Without the light reflecting off the countertop, the natural color of the matte quartz countertops can take the spotlight. In addition, matte quartz countertops have soft textures to their surfaces and offer a deep, earthy appearance for softer appeals. 

Pros of Matte Quartz Countertops
There are many benefits of incorporating matter quartz countertops into a home and commercial designs. So, let’s briefly discuss them: 

  • Fewer Reflective
    As we mentioned earlier, matte countertops have a less reflective surface, meaning that when light hits the surface of the countertops, it won’t be reflected sharply but is dimmed down. If you have a lot of natural lighting or overhead lighting in the area you hope to install a countertop, you should choose matte quartz countertops since they can prevent the blinding reflections of light. 
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  • Trendy
    One fact we should always pay attention to is that matte quartz countertops are in style. You can easily incorporate them particularly well in modern and contemporary designs. Since lower light reflections allow their inner colors to stand out, they can add more dimensions to your spaces. The soft textured look of these countertops can also work well when paired with muted colors or natural surfaces. The slight texture on matte quartz countertops can also add a sense of luxury to kitchen or bathroom designs, making them even more appealing. 


  • Good at Concealing Messes
    If you spend a lot of time cooking over your countertops, you are bound to end up with a messy kitchen. Luckily, matte quartz countertops work very well to conceal messes at times. A polished countertop would reflect light very sharply and make the grime and stickiness of your countertops more prominent. But matte quartz countertops can help make the smudges less prominent due to their non-reflective nature. 

Cons of Matte Quartz Countertops
Matte quartz countertops are wonderful in terms of style and practicality. However, they still have their drawbacks: 

  • Space Issues
    Matte quartz countertops do not reflect light, and while this can be advantageous in powerfully lit areas, it can be disadvantageous in other areas. If you have a smaller space, adding matte countertops that further absorb light from the space can make them feel even smaller. For smaller areas with little access to natural light, polished quartz countertops work much better. 


  • Easy to Hide Dirt
    Matte quartz countertops can hide dirt and dust much better than polished surfaces, but it is also a downside. To prevent the buildup of contaminants, you will have to clean the surface more regularly. 
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