Quartz has become a popular decoration option for homeowners if they prefer elegant, maintenance-free, and durable stones. Among types of quartz stone slabs, Calacatta gold quartz slabs are most acclaimed due to their distinctive merits. For instance, Calacatta gold quartz slabs feature veining in a wide variety of shades, making them particularly high in demand. In addition, they are a preferred choice over other slabs as they provide a luxurious look without any significant drawbacks.


If you are considering Calacatta gold quartz slabs for your next decoration project, you may be interested to learn what makes them so popular and what factors affect their price. This article aims to guide you in this regard.

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What Makes Calacatta Gold Quartz Slabs So Popular?

Not only do Calacatta gold quartz slabs look as luxurious and fancy as other slabs, but they are also an economical choice. They are ideal for those who seek elegance and reasonable pricing simultaneously. Here are the two primary reasons why these particular slabs have become popular worldwide:


  • Praise-Worthy Performance

Due to their praise-worthy performance, many residential and commercial indoor spaces use Calacatta gold quartz slabs for decoration. Because of their thick veining, quartz slabs are pleasing to look at and create a dramatic atmosphere. Moreover, wherever you choose to use this particular quartz type, you can have peace of mind that it will be durable and sturdy. For instance, it can handle high-impact pressure and forces without breaking, cracking, or sealing.


  • Value of Cost

This quartz stone slab is suitable for any indoor setting with long-time use. It is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, reference countertops, or flooring. It is versatile and beautiful but surprisingly affordable and offers great value for money. With its long-lasting properties and elegant looks, Calacatta gold quartz is an excellent investment.


Factors that Influence the Price of Calacatta Gold Quartz Slabs

After clarifying why Calacatta gold quartz slabs are popular, let’s get into their price. The price of Calacatta gold quartz varies depending on several key factors. Therefore, read about these specific factors and how they influence pricing.


  1. Quality

There is often a direct correlation between a product’s quality and price, which remains true when shopping for quartz stone slabs. Since these particular slabs are engineered with a wide range of man-made additives, including binders, silica, and crushed-up stone, the quality varies based on production methods.


Factors such as the shine throughout the slab, the resin used to bind the gold quartz, and color consistency all determine the quality of the slabs and hence influence their price.

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  1. Spaces

Similar to most quality quartz slabs, the price of Calacatta gold quartz slabs increases with size. The bigger the size of the slab, the higher its price. Apart from this, the difference in thickness is also a determining factor when it comes to the pricing of quartz stone slabs.


  1. Customization

Obviously, going beyond the traditional countertop that these slabs are used for will cost extra. In other words, if you choose a customized layout for your Calacatta gold quartz slabs, you may need to pay a higher price. There are usually several customizations that increase the slabs’ price. These include corner treatments, color, patterns, outlet cutouts, and more.


Your Choice of Supplier Significantly Affects the Overall Price

The above-listed are some of the primary factors that influence the pricing of Calacatta gold quartz slabs. Apart from these, the supplier you choose will also impact the overall price of these slabs. In fact, choosing a reliable supplier can help lower the overall cost of the quartz stone slabs you need.


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About Bitto

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